Paper Sizes

A quick reference guide to help you choose the right paper size for your print project.

'A' range

The 'A' Range is the finished trimmed size of paper used in printing and related industries.

A2 594mm x 420mm
A3 420mm x 297mm
A4 297mm x 210mm
A5 210mm x 148mm
A6 148mm x 105mm
A7 105mm x 74mm
A8 74mm  x 52mm
A9 52mm x 37mm
A10 37mm x 26mm

'B' range

The 'B' range covers a need for special applications, such as oversize documents and posters.

B2 707mm x 500mm
B3 500mm x 353mm
B4 353mm x 250mm
B5 250mm x 176mm
B6 176mm x 125mm
B7 125mm x 88mm
B8 88mm x 62mm
B9 62mm x 44mm
B10 44mm x 31mm

Bishops B5 (245mm x 172mm)

We also offer an additional size that we refer to as 'Bishops B5'. It is very popular when booklets and brochures need to stand out against other A and B sized publications. It also has the cost advantage of enabling you to fit more pages on a single sheet than B5.