Leaflet Printing

Standard leaflets to bespoke folds and sizes, our folded printed leaflets are affordable and high quality. With our vibrant colours your tourist attraction leaflets, mini-brochures, maps, guides and menus will turn heads.

Clever designers will use the direction and placement of the folds of a leaflet to pique interest and break up the content. From tourist information leaflets and guides to mini brochures, leaflets can be adapted for almost any use.

The most frequently asked for leaflet formats are half-fold to A5 size, tri-fold to DL and Z-fold to DL. These formats fit comfortably into leaflet dispensers, and standard envelope sizes for low cost mailing, but they’re not your only options. With Bishops, you're not restricted to standard formats and sizes. Ours is a bespoke leaflet printing service with precise, crisp folds, finished to your exact specification.

Types of folded leaflet

  • Gate Fold Leaflets. Two folds create the side panels which open up like doors or gates to reveal the content on the centre panel. This ‘big reveal’ can deliver a really impactful result, especially if it opens to a strong image.
  • Cross Fold Leaflets. This is a simple half fold that is then folded in half again. The horizontal fold comes first and then we fold it vertically. It creates two creases across the page, hence the name ‘cross fold’ leaflet. They’re often used for maps, hence the alternative name, Map Fold.
  • Roll Fold Leaflets. Vertical parallel folds create panels that are folded inwards towards the centre. This is a popular folding style for tri-fold leaflets (where two folds divide the sheet into three equal panels to create six printed pages).
  • Z Fold Leaflets. As the name suggests, the sheet is folded twice with parallel folds to create 6 printed pages that open in a ‘z’ shape. If you increase the number of folds beyond 3, your Z folded leaflet becomes a concertina fold or accordion fold. 
  • Half Fold Leaflets. A single vertical fold down the middle creates 4 printed pages. 
  • Bespoke Folded Leaflets. Folded leaflets can be fun as well as functional. For product launches, special occasions or simply to stand out, bespoke folded leaflets can leave a lasting impression. Stepped Accordion, Square Folded Cross, Circular Accordion, Twist Fold, Tulip Fold - there are lots of variations you and your designer can explore. They will cost more to print because we’ll need to make a bespoke forme to create the folds, and usually require hand finishing, so do make sure you factor in extra time.


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  • For light-weight leaflets, to avoid tearing and show-through consider using 115gsm – 150gsm paper.
  • To achieve a crisp fold without cracking at paper weights of 170gsm and above, we crease your leaflets before folding.
  • Matt lamination or gloss lamination will make your leaflets last longer and, where there is high ink coverage, prevent ink from one sheet rubbing off against the next.

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