Plant List

In 2018 we are investing £3 million into our 24/7 operation, which is built on the reliability and consistent quality of industry-leading Heidelberg presses and HP’s Indigo printing equipment. Of our 8 lithographic presses, 5 are 10-colour (of which 4 have AutoPlate Change and 3 include Inpress Control). The average age of a Bishops’ press is just over 3 years, which means you get consistent colour quality print, reliably delivered at a competitive price.

If you share our passion for print, and commitment to customer service, why not find out what lies behind the Bishops’ way of printing. Why not visit us for a site tour? You are always welcome.

Office systems

Computerised estimating, order processing, production and stock control mean we deliver an efficient service from inbound enquiry to the finished product.

  • Optimus 2020 QS


  • Screen PTR 8900 Z MAL B1 platesetter for computer-to-plate output (x2)
  • Heidelberg Prinect v18 Printready JDF workflow system
  • Enfocus Pitstop server
  • Enfocus Switch
  • Apple iMac (x 9 terminals)
  • Apple Mac Mini (x4)
  • IBM compatible PC
  • Epson Stylus 9900 pro
  • Heidelberg Cool Tool v18
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub Laser Printers (x4)
  • Secure FTP site

Press room

On-going, heavy investment in our presses means unrivalled print capacity combined with environmentally sensitive processes.

  • Heidelberg B2 Speedmaster XL75 10-colour 5/5 perfector with AutoPlate Change and Inpress Control (2017)
  • Heidelberg B2 Speedmaster XL75 10-colour 5/5 perfector with AutoPlate Change and Inpress Control (2015)
  • Heidelberg B2 Speedmaster XL75 10-colour 5/5 perfector with AutoPlate Change and Inpress Control (2014)
  • Heidelberg B2 Speedmaster XL75 10-colour 5/5 perfector with AutoPlate Change (2013)
  • Heidelberg B2 Speedmaster XL75 10-colour 5/5 perfector (2011)
  • Heidelberg B2 Speedmaster SM74 8-colour 4/4 perfector (2011)
  • Heidelberg B2 Speedmaster SX74 5-colour straight (2015)
  • Heidelberg B2 SX 74 6-colour 1/5 perfector (2012)

AutoPlate Change slashes the time taken to change a set of ten plates from 15 minutes to less than 5 minutes. Inpress Control is an optional extra we have chosen to invest in as this provides the highest level of electronic colour control, measuring colour on set-up and during the print run to provide perfectly reproduced and consistent images on every job. This feature also reduces waste by using up to 100 sheets fewer on every make-ready; good for the environment and productivity!


Ultrafast machines deliver quality finishes, fast turn-around times and help us to keep costs down.

  • Kolbus KM 610.C 16-station perfect binder
  • Wohlenberg City e 16-station perfect binder
  • Heidelberg ST 450 6-station stitcher
  • Heidelberg ST 400 (A3) 8-station stitcher
  • Heidelberg ST 450 4-station stitcher
  • Polar 115/115xt programmatic guillotine with stack lifts (transmat and jogger) (x 4)
  • Heidelberg Stahl folding machines with VSA presser stackers:-
     * CH66 (x 2)
     * TH82 round pile feeder (x 4)
     * TH66 (x 3)
     * TI-52 (x 1)
     * KH82 (x 2)
     * KH66 (x 3)
  • BOBST SP76-E B2 forme-cutter and creaser
  • Heidelberg Cylinder forme-cutter and creaser (x 2)
  • Moll Sprint Capacity System for capacity/non-capacity folder assembly (x 2)
  • Premier 36 Versa-Fold Moll STP Model for gluing, forming pockets and paper turning
  • Longford CF100 mini card folder
  • Autobond Mini 74 THS SAS lamination machine - double sided
  • SMIPACK FP560A shrink wrapping machine


Also, equipment for; domino numbering, perforating, drilling, collating and a wide range of hand finishes.

Digital print

Personalised, short-run, superb colour quality print that can’t be beaten in the digital print world. Additional digital capability is available via our sister company, The Mailing People.

  • HP Indigo 7800 digital press
  • HP Latex 360 Printer with 8-inch touchscreen and 64-inch roll width
  • Foliant Vega 400a laminator
  • Horizon CRF-362 creaser/ folder
  • Duplo DC-646 slitter/cutter/creaser
  • Duplo DBMI Saddle System with Duplo DSC 10-60i collator


We deliver direct throughout the South of England using our own fleet of white label vans which means a reliable, flexible and low-cost service for our customers.

  • 10 vehicles ranging from transit vans to 7.5 and 18 tonnes trucks
  • Forklifts and other handling equipment

* Last updated April 2018.

Inpress Control has increased productivity, reduced make-ready times, given us better quality control and reduced our start-up waste by over a third.

Gareth Roberts, Managing Director of Bishops Printers